This information is for all pilots flying from Hawkes Bay sites. The eight main sites accommodate a variety of flying styles. From learner slopes, to long distance coastal soaring and thermaling sites with major inland cross-country possibilities.
Included in this references guide are some obvious and not so obvious hints and rules, however, like every site that is new to you, an individual assessment must be made.
Please ask one of the contacts listed before flying at any of our sites. You must be a visitor member of the N.Z.H.G.PA. and may be asked to produce your logbook and or I.P.P.I card. Overseas visitors must obtain a visitors membership. This costs $45NZ and is valid for 4 months throughout New Zealand.
Some of our sites have extreme launch situations therefore launch technique and confidence must be 100%. If you have any doubts, DON'T FLY! Please pay attention to the site ratings.
Our club is small and friendly with a floating membership of around 20. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month over the summer at the Rose and Shamrock in Havelock North. Meetings begin at 7.30pm. All visiting pilots are very welcome.
All of our sites are free of charge and we pride ourselves on our good landowner/pilot relationships.
It is imperative that the sites are treated with the highest respect, always bearing in mind the following considerations:

Access - Talk to a local pilot about the access protocols for each site.
Tracks - Please limit vehicle numbers, 4 X 4 cause less wear and tear on farm tracks.
Gates - Leave them EXACTLY as you find them.
Dogs - Mostly the rules are, DON'T bring them.
Crops - Don't land or drive on them.
Fires - Don't light them - not even cigarettes in the summer.
Site ratings - Site ratings are given for ideal flying conditions, however, some sites are great with light or no winds for beginner pilots (of course only when accompanied by a P.G.3 pilot or Instructor) and others require more advanced skills when conditions are more marginal.
PG. 1 Pilots - Remember to fly with your streamer from your harness when soaring.
Tandem Turbulence - If you haven't flown with a Tandem Paraglider before, then pay particular attention to the wake turbulence they produce. It can cause a major deflation. Where possible Tandem pilots will try to reduce the effects through their controls however passenger safety will not be compromised if you are in the wrong spot.
Club Officials 2006/07

Secretary/ Treasurer
PG Safety Officer
HG Safety Officer

Euan Talbot Ph 021 435820
Brian Edwards Ph 0272 443126
Barry Sayer
Ph 0274 512886
Ross MacKay
Ph 025 2854195
Correspondence to H.B.H.G.P.C. Inc., P.O. Box 8583, Havelock North.

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